THE EVIL ONE is an action adventure game in isometric view, set in the climate of the 50s of the last century. Our inspiration is the prose of Leopold Tyrmand - bloody, with a sense of humor and distinctive characters. Discover a dark, fascinating storyline and dynamic tactical challenges with stealth elements.

Will you save the City or be its executioner? There are no easy answers here. Evil lurks around the corner and within each of us.

Destroyed by the war, the City comes back to life. Among the rubble of ruined tenement houses some find it difficult, others find it easy to find their place in the new world. Its law is the law of fists, but there are still those who remember the old honor. Discover the multithreaded stories of the main characters, take part in exciting fights, solve criminal puzzles or just enjoy life in the atmospheric City full of cigar smoke, swilling vodka, mysteries and swinging sounds.


Leopold Tyrmand - Polish writer, columnist and tireless popularizer of jazz, born 1920 in Warsaw, died 1985 in Fort Myers. Tyrmand was one of the most colorful figures in the Polish cultural world, a writer who broke taboos, broke patterns, seduced women and played the communist apparatchiks. In the most difficult years of the 20th century, Tyrmand was able to maintain his optimism and infect others with it.

Of all Leopold Tyrmand's novels, "Wicked" was the most successful. It is an epic story that presents a colorful portrait of the underground in postwar Warsaw. It is a city full of contradictions, dangerous, but also teeming with a reborn life.

The title character, "Bad", is a man of mystery. When others pull out their knuckles in a dark alley, he stands up for the weak. When the law fails, he reaches for his fists. And he has no mercy for those who prey on his City. Whether they wear a uniform, or a suit and a helmet.




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